After 25 years as a registered nurse, I decided to do something a little less intense, a little lighter and lot more fun! Because I love working with people, and continue to have a heart to help others, I enjoy my role helping people purchase and sell their homes and land! Every real estate encounter is different, interesting and challenging, especially in this market. After 300 transactions, I quit counting, but I will tell you that with every single deal I close, I learn something new. Each situation is unique in its own way.

With the market changing daily, more than ever you need an agent who is experienced, diligent and one who cares about you. You need someone who will truly go the extra mile and seek out information and resources to help you get your transaction closed. I will do that for you.

Call or email me with questions, scenarios, or just to toss around ideas about today’s real estate market or your own personal goals. I would love to hear from you.

Besides being a realtor, I am a mom, mother-in-law, auntie, daughter, grandmother, sister and friend. I love being with people, a visit over a good cup of coffee, I love summer, flowers, taking a walk, camping, music, snow and yes, even talking on my phone. I love God, His Church & ministry.

My family is the JOY of my life!